Selling A House As Is

Selling a house as is usually means that the seller has repairs that our out of the budget to make, or they are motivated to sell as quickly as possible without having the time to deal with repairmen and contractors.

Selling a house as is will usually result in a lower pricing point with the thought that there are repairs that need to be made, which will be adjusted against the purchase price of the home. If your home is fairly valued but have $25,000 in repairs, chances are that the price is going to be reduced at least by $25,000.

In the case where a home is being sold as is and the buyer is willing to purchase the home as is – it is always a good idea to get a full inspection on the home to ensure that the issues and repairs needed are brought to light and made notice of. Inspections are easy to get, do not cost a lot of money, and usually can be done withing a couple days..

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